Freelancing vs 9-5 Job

Freelancing vs 9-5 Full time Job? Which One Is Better?

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This is the most common question people ask about what should they choose between Freelancing vs 9-5 Job. Both have their Pros and cons. People earn millions of money by freelancing, while people could only earn a fixed limited salary by the job, while Freelancing is not so secure, you will get paid if you work, however you are secured in the job.

After working as an employee in the professional world for years, many people want to pursue a freelancing career. Today, millions of people want to work as a freelancer in exchange for a full-time job. Most people working in areas such as designing, IT, content, editing, and consultancy work as freelancers.

Today, where most of the office is employing its employees Being away from the office is giving opportunities to work from home, in such a situation it is becoming difficult to work as a freelancer instead of a full-time job. But if you want to become a freelancer, then you have to work with dedication and sincerity.

Let us understand what aspects you should consider before leaving a full-time job and becoming a freelancer.

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1-Start saving Money As soon As Possible (Freelancing vs 9-5 Job)

After becoming a freelancer you will not get a fixed salary every month as before. This situation can be challenging for you because you know that now you will not get the happiness of getting a salary at the end of every month. That is why it is better that you start saving money before leaving the job.

Do not rush into quitting your job. Would be better if Start freelancing before you leave your job. By doing this, you will be able to save and you will not have to worry about money in difficult times ahead. Quit the job when you have some trusted clients.

2- Don’t plan everything:

While leaving the job, every person will advise you to plan everything well, while our suggestion will be for you that you do not have to worry about the smallest of things. You should leave some things on time. Over time you will get accustomed to your new job and everything will go well on its own.

If you will be engaged in the look and planning of your new office in the beginning days, then those important things get your attention. Will lose what is more important at that time. Instead, you should live comfortably and finish all your important tasks one after the other.

3-Chances are you Have to do a Full-Time Job Again:

There is no harm in failing and to realize that you are not succeeding in your work is even better. After realizing this, you should think about doing a full-time job again. Never say ‘no’ to any kind of work. If you are not able to settle in your new job, then without any hesitation and regret, you are worth it again.

Start a good job. Instead of feeling sad for your failure, feel proud of yourself that you tried something new. What to know, maybe in the future you try again and time will succeed. You should just keep working hard and diligently.

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4-Set a Deadline:

The majority of people who become freelancers do so because they have a strong desire to quit their jobs and work on their own terms.

If this sounds like you (and I’m sure it does), you’ll want to set a deadline for when you’d like to tell your boss to f*ck off (in a polite way, of course).

For me, it took about a year of freelancing on the side before I was ready to quit my full-time gig.

But this was not an arbitrary decision. I knew I needed about a year to build up my network, get experience, save extra money, and pay off my credit card debt.

But keep in mind, your deadline may be different.

It all depends on your experience level, your portfolio, your financial situation, your network, and how ready you feel to make the switch.

You don’t have to rush, but you also don’t want to spend the next five years working two different jobs, so pick a reasonable deadline (probably 6–24 months) and try to stick with it.

Having a deadline will also force you to start making moves faster, whether that’s finding your first gig, building a portfolio, paying off debts, or whatever it is you need to prepare.

5- You can build up your Network:

When you have a solid base of clients, you have people you can turn to for more work or quality referrals when your full-time paycheck dries up.

Always enjoy your freelancing career.

Conclusion ( Freelancing vs 9-5 Job)

From above-given data, It is not difficult to choose an option from Freelancing vs 9-5 Job,  we conclude that freelancing is far away better than 9-5 job, In freelancing You can earn millions of money in years, and then you can start a business and become entrepreneur, while in 9-5 job you can not grow so much.

From the above-given points, we Choose  Freelancing in comparison of Freelancing vs 9-5 Job.

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